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I'm happy to report that four more of my older romance novels are now available as e-books - one Viking romance and three time-travel romances.

Coming next, the four futuristic romances about the discovery and settlement of Dulan's Planet should be on-line in late July - just in time for beach reading!

The currently available titles are:

The Viking Passion, ISBN: 9781301570775, Price: $3.99
Kidnapped by Viking raiders and given as a slave to Erik the Far-traveler, Lenora must survive through many adventures along the rivers of eastern Europe to exotic Constantinople before she finds her happy ending.

A Time To Love Again, ISBN 9781301825363, Price $3.99
Thanks to the program of mad computer genius, Hank Marsh, India Baldwin is propelled onto a battlefield where Franks are fighting Saxons. Rescued by the handsome Count Theuderic, she travels to the court of Charlemagne, and into a passionate love affair. But can she stay with Theu, or must she return to her own time?

A Love Beyond Time, ISBN 9781301745111, Price $3.99
This story is my version of Indiana Jones. Daring archeolgist Mike Bailey is sent to stop the computer genius, Hank Marsh, and retrieve a vital notebook from him, but a vicious fistfight sends Mike crashing into the computer and back to the days of Charlemagne - minus his memory. He quickly falls in love with the Frankish maiden, Danise, and becomes involved with the intrigues of her suitors. When his memory returns, will he remain with Danise, or will Hank's latest computer tricks force him back to his own time?

Timestruck, ISBN 9781301404773, Price $3.99
Sent to repair a computer before the deadline of midnight, December 31, 1999, Gina is accidentally sent into the past. She lands on top of the warrior, Count Dominick, in his bed. He's sure she's a spy sent by Charlemagne's queen to destroy him. Gina is just totally confused. But soon this tough "Goth-girl New Yorker" begins to soften under the kindness of Dominck and his retainers - until they become embroiled in the queen's latest intrigue. At the royal court, Gina learns Dominick's secrets and why the queen hates him. When the new lovers discover a plot to destroy Charlemagne, they must take action. The famous scholar, Alcuin, lends a hand.

As usual, these titles are available on just about all of the e-reading devices and the first 20% of each is offered as a free sample. If you want to continue to read the book, you may then purchase the entire thing.

The previous e-books are still available:

The Magician's Lover, ISBN: 9781301563685 $3.99
A sequel to Heart's Magic, this story begins ten years later, in Baghdad. A beautiful but difficult woman, a priceless crystal ball, and a gorgeous genie combine to send Warrick and his friend Robin on a dangerous escape from Baghdad, followed by a journey across desert and mountains, with the evil sultan's men in hot pursuit.

A Passionate Magic, ISBN: 9781301817924 $3.99
Married by proxy, Emma arrives in Cornwall to find Lord Dain's castle on a cliff above the sea a most unwelcoming place. Dain doesn't want a wife, his mother hates her new daughter-in-law, and Emma is afraid to show her magical ability. What's a young sorceress to do? Who is leaving small gifts on her pillow each morning? And who is the ghostly woman in white who haunts the moors? Finding the answers leads Emma to truths that Dain's mother would rather were never told.

Love Once And Forever, ISBN: 9781301888078 $3.99
After picking up a piece of sea glass, Laura is transported to a land 30,000 years in the past, where Earth is threatened by an approaching asteroid. Kentir, leader of the team assigned to find a solution, wants Laura to help him.

This is my "Lost Atlantis" story, a time-travel/​fantasy romance. It's connected to the other Magical Love books by the presence of Hua Te, a Chinese magician who appeared in the first two stories and who is also transported into the distant past. Like Laura, Hua Te finds his own true love in a world that's about to vanish.

With ten of my traditionally published books now available as e-books, I'm busy revising and reformatting the time-travel romances set in the days of Charlemagne, and hope to have them on-line by the end of May. After that will come the four futuristic romances that my daring editor accepted back in 1989. I'm proud to say that together, we helped to start a new trend in romance, one that continues today. I have also been writing a group of brand-new medieval romances which will soon be published as e-books. All of these books will be published through Smashwords and can be downloaded on Kindle, Nook, and most of the other e-reading devices - there are now too many of these devices to mention here and more are appearing every day. It's a brave new e-world out there!

The list of my e-books is on the "Works" page of this site, organized by the type of story.

And, finally, on the "Contact" page there is space for you to enter comments or questions about the books and your e-mail address. I promise to respond as soon as possible.

Thanks for your interest.

Flora Speer

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Flora Speer is the author of twenty-eight book length romances and two novellas. The stories range from historical romances, to time-travel, to futuristic tales.

Born in southern New Jersey, she now lives in Connecticut. Her favorite activities include researching background material for the next book, gardening (especially the flowers and herbs used in medieval gardens,) amateur astronomy, and following the U.S. space program, which has occasionally been a source of ideas for futuristic romances.

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