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Finally, all of my previously published titles are available on line through Smashwords.

The new additions are:

Castle of Dreams, ISBN: 9781311324603

Castle of The Heart: ISBN: 9781311561688

Knights and ladies, true love and betrayal, madness and bravery: a two-volume saga of the Normans building a castle on the Welsh border, their loves and schemes and the woman who would not allow men to arrange her life, all set against the determined attempts of the Welsh to prevent the building and drive out the Normans.

Rose Red: ISBN: 9781311041807

Based on the fairy tale, Snow White and Rose Red, by the brothers Grimm.
Set in northern Italy during the Renaissance.
After her husband the duke was assassinated during a coup, Duchess Eleonora gathered her daughters, Bianca and Rosalinda, and a few loyal friends and fled to a secluded villa near the Italian Alps. There they lived quietly until the snowy night when a stranger appeared seeking help. Andrea's arrival led to startling changes - and to romantic passion - for all three women.

For Love And Honor: ISBN: 9781310504105

Set in England and Sicily during the 12th century.
Falsely accused of murder, Sir Alain and his friend, Sir Piers had no choice but to leave England. In sun-drenched Sicily, the two men made new lives for themselves, but Alain never forgot the one woman who had stirred his youthful heart, golden-haired Joanna. When the time was right, the friends secretly returned to England, each to find passionate love and to catch a murderer.

As usual, these titles are available on just about all of the e-reading devices and the first 20% of each is offered as a free sample. If you want to continue to read the book, you may then purchase the entire thing.

With all of my traditionally published books now available as e-books, I'm busy preparing a new series, "Lord Royce's Knights." While some characters appear in several stories, each book is complete in itself.

A group of young men, all landless and untitled, and some of them illegitimate, have no way to support themselves except by their wits and their swords. Lord Royce needs men to carry out dangerous assignments for his old friend, King Henry I of England, who is also Duke of Normandy.

King Louis VI of France ("Louis the Fat,") is determined to increase his small kingdom. Conflict is inevitable, and ladies are frequently involved, since land was often transferred by carefully arranged marriages.

The first and second of these brand-new medieval romances, "So Great A Love," and "Cast Love Aside," should be available in September. The third and fourth books in the series, "True Love" and "Where Love Has Gone," are planned for October and November. and the fifth book, "Love Everlasting," for late December or early January, 2015. Because someone asked me how all of these valiant knights originally got together, I'm also working on a prequel, "Love Above All," which I hope will be available in January or February, 2015.

All of these books will be published through Smashwords and can be downloaded on Kindle, Nook, and most of the other e-reading devices - there are now too many of these devices to mention here and more are appearing every day. It's a brave new e-world out there!

The list of my e-books is on the "Works" page of this site, organized by the type of story.

And, finally, on the "Contact" page there is space for you to enter comments or questions about the books and your e-mail address. I promise to respond as soon as possible.

Thanks for your interest.

Flora Speer

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Flora Speer is the author of twenty-eight book length romances and two novellas. The stories range from historical romances, to time-travel, to futuristic tales.

Born in southern New Jersey, she now lives in Connecticut. Her favorite activities include researching background material for the next book, gardening (especially the flowers and herbs used in medieval gardens,) amateur astronomy, and following the U.S. space program, which has occasionally been a source of ideas for futuristic romances.

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