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Christmas Carol
A woman's version of the tale
ISBN: 978-1-3011-20000
Price: $3.99

Twelfth Night
A time-travel romance
ISBN: 978-1-4661-4474-3
Price: $1.99

Two Turtledoves
A medieval romance
ISBN: 978-1-3011-5244-5
Price: $1.99

(Medieval romances)

Heart's Magic
Magic, danger, and true love in a medieval castle
ISBN: 978-1-4658-0437-2
Price: $3.99

The Magician's Lover
An Arabian Nights Tale
ISBN: 978-1-3015-6368-5
Price: $3.99

A Passionate Magic
Emma's Romance
Set in Cornwall
ISBN: 978-1-3018-1792-4
Price: $3.99


A Time To Love Again
India Baldwin is sent to the days of Charlemagne.
ISBN: 978-1-3018-2536-3
Price: $3.99

A Love Beyond Time
Daring archologist Mike Bailey (my version of Indiana Jones) gets into a fight with a mad computer genius and finds himself in the time of Charlemagne.
ISBN: 978-1-3017-451-1
Price: $3.99

Sent back to the time of Charlemagne, Gina becomes involved in the queen's intrigues - and passionately involved with handsome Count Dominick.
ISBN: 978-1-3014-0477-3

Love Once And Forever
(A tale of Atlantis, also connected
to the Magical Love Series)
ISBN: 978-1-3018-8807-8
Price: $3.99

Love Just In Time
A time-travel romance, set in 1829 Maryland
ISBN: 9781-3010-3560-1
Price: $3.99


By Honor Bound
The story of Macbeth, from a woman's point of view
ISBN: 9781-3012-4637-3
Price: $4.99

The Viking Passion
Lenora is abducted by Vikiing raiders and given as slave to Erik the Far-traveler, who takes her along on his latest journey, to Constantinople
ISBN: 9781-3015-7077-5
Price: $3.99

Much Ado About Love
ISBN: 9781-3014-2807-6
Price $3.99
A medieval comedy/romance,
with the heroine's twin cousins causing
lots of mischief.