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My Current News

All of the books in the series "Lord Royce's Knights" are now available as e-books from There are six titles plus a prequel, written after a friend wanted to know how these interesting men got together.

They are: So Great a Love, Cast Love Aside, True Love, Where Love Has Gone, Love Everlasting, and Love Above All.

Coming next, a medieval fantasy trilogy. The first two titles are now on Smashwords: The Secret Heart and The Fire of the Soul will, I hope, be joined by t he final book: The Anvil of the Mind, by the end of the year.

As usual, these titles are available on just about all of the e-reading devices and the first 20% of each is offered as a free sample. If you want to continue to read the book, you may then purchase the entire thing.

* * *

Flora Speer is the author of twenty-eight book length romances and two novellas. The stories range from historical romances, to time-travel, to futuristic tales.

Born in southern New Jersey, she now lives in Connecticut. Her favorite activities include researching background material for the next book, gardening (especially the flowers and herbs used in medieval gardens,) amateur astronomy, and following the U.S. space program, which has occasionally been a source of ideas for futuristic romances.